I recently had an adventure with my good friend Pamela Weeks. We spent 22 hours in the car and some of the crazies road conditions I’ve seen
in some time!
We took two “dangerous dogs” (NOT!!!!) to Boise and swapped for 4 other pups and brought them back to Tacoma.

Here’s the Story:

Our pups, Brandy and Milo have been at the kennels for nearly 8 months because they killed a cat- or were accused of killing a cat – since dogs don’t speak no one knows their story for certain. Our laws are so messed up that because of prey instinct behavior they were deemed dangerous, thus, their owner couldn’t get them back and we could only adopt them out of state. While with us, they had to wear muzzles whenever out of their kennels.
These pups never showed an ounce of aggression and we had to torture them (with those awful muzzles) for months. They are the sweetest pups ever!! We finally found a shelter who agreed to a swap and we were able to get these dogs one step closer to a loving home.

Why did we drive these dogs to Boise?

In Idaho dogs who kill cats, chickens, etc (like a cat
kills a mouse or a bird- it’s called prey instinct and this
type of aggression does not transfer to humans) are
either returned to their owners, who pay a substantial
fine (for negligence) , or they are adopted out to a new
home that doesn’t have small animals. This also means
that a pup doesn’t languish in a kennel for months!!
Idaho makes a lot more sense than Washington in their
treatment of pets. And don’t get me wrong- I love the
kitties too, but maybe they shouldn’t be roaming
about freely outside either. 😕
Everyone at the shelter who had worked with these
pups had grown very fond of them and will miss them
dearly! It was so hard to leave them – many tears for
sure!! We all keep the faith that someone wonderful will
adopt them soon. If you know someone wonderful in
Idaho send them to the West Valley Humane Society in
FYI- 4 more awesome dogs now at TPCHS to adopt!!
I wish I had taken better pictures of Brandy and Milo-
they are both beautiful pups and these photos do not
show it.