COVID 19 is definitely changing our reality – new restrictions, new concepts to absorb, and an environment unlike anything we’ve experienced.   When I taught,  I told my students that sometimes in order to grow you have to experience “disequilibrium”, but this level of uncertainty is downright scary.  I haven’t been sleeping much lately as I lay awake wondering what the short- and long-term effects will be – I’m sure many of you are doing the same.  As I told folks yesterday, all I can do is proceed with the information that I have, if that information changes then plans will change.  So this morning here is what I’m seeing in the real estate market:

  • Open Houses – the Northwest MLS is prohibiting all open house input.  That means if an agent wants to show that a home is scheduled for an “open” they can’t add that element to a listing.  I suppose if an agent wants to host an open and put up signs they will do this – I WILL NOT be doing this.  As a former math teacher there’s nothing I appreciate more than rules to follow.
  • Touring – I WILL be doing this.  I think touring homes with my clients right now is not a horrible thing.   I bring my Clorox wipes and use them on the keybox, doors, light switches and anything else I touch.  I have extras for my clients if they would like to do the same.  If you have information that would make me think differently about this practice, please share.
  • Buyers – As of yesterday, I am still involved in multiple offer situations trying to obtain homes for my Buyers.  Even with aggressive tactics (in writing of course) we don’t always “win”.  So thus far, this hasn’t changed much.  Inventory is so low that I’m actually sending screen shots of my “home search results” to my Buyers so they can see just how little inventory there is (along with the individual listings).
  • Sellers – Typically I start to see larger amounts of inventory entering the market in March.  This month, however, I think the numbers are lower and this may be due to the virus.  Last weekend, there were few releases – we’ll see what this week brings.  I plan on listing 2 homes at the end of this week – hoping that even less competition continues to benefit my clients. 
  • Long Term Effects – I “don’t know” and this is what is keeping me awake at night.  Like you, I’m doing my best to maintain the 6’, limit social gatherings and wash my hands repeatedly – the sooner we can stop the spread of COVID 19 and flatten the curve, the better we’ll all be and in turn, the sooner we can recover in all forms of the word.

With more time at home, here’s what I’ve been doing.

  • Cleaning cupboards, drawers and closets – soon my home will look like it’s “for sale” ready.
  • Two movies I can recommend – The Farewell and The Big Sick . . as I write these titles you might think that these are sad and/or scary movies.  I can tell you that illness is involved but ultimately these stories are about love and who doesn’t need that?!
  • Yoga – either streaming my local studio that has gone online or using my DownDog app (which is being offered free right now through April 1).
  • Walks – the sun is shining, put technology away and go breathe (and take the dog!)
  • Coursera – might as well learn something during this time, has many different learning opportunities that are free!  It doesn’t hurt to grow the mind a bit.  😊

I hope that all of you are well and continue to stay that way.  If you or someone you know is in need please let me know as I do have some resources that are ready to help.  And, if you can be that resource let me know as well.

Take care of you!