North Tacoma living is somewhat of a “secret” to folks who don’t live here . . . kind of like the secret the state of Washington keeps regarding it’s rain (although this year it’s no secret!).  Frequently I hear “we had no idea this existed”, especially from folks who are getting priced out of the Seattle market where home prices are probably 200-250% higher.  So, what’s so great about North Tacoma?

  1. Walkability – I always use proximity to  Starbucks to measure my “walkability” . . . as N. Tacoma continues to develop I can now walk to 3 of them.  Add a few more local coffee vendors (Bluebeard, Vallhalla, etc) and I’m in caffeine paradise.  Most streets have sidewalks and most folks really do look out for pedestrians at crosswalks (always room for improvement though).  Walking to school, the grocery store, retail stores, restaurants and beer are all possible when you live here.
  2. Water – who doesn’t love a nice view of the bay.  While some folks have the opportunity to view it out of their front window, others just have to move around a bit and there it is.  I still think the 5th graders at Lowell Elementary have one of the best views in town.  Walking along Ruston Way sometimes makes me feel like I’m in some exotic vacation locale.
  3. Activities Point Defiance Park (miles of trails for running/walking, the zoo, picnic spots, amazing viewpoints – you can spend all day here), running & biking clubs, boating, lively YMCAs, Tacoma Lawn Tennis Club (still a waiting list but much easier to join than Seattle Tennis  Club), and pretty much anything else you like to do are all a regular part of life here.
  4. Beer – beer has become huge in Tacoma . . . every time I walk into one these brew pubs/bars they are packed.  I wonder what these folks did 2 years ago when these most of places didn’t exist?  I’ll give a shout out to Peaks & Pints, the Parkway, Hanks, Seven Seas Brewing, Pacific Brewing, Rhein Haus, Doyle’s and Brewer’s Row.  Last summer we did a group bike ride to sample tasty flavors and I look forward to that experience again this year.
  5. Restaurants – might as well mention that we have some enjoyable places to eat (and we can walk to most of these too):  Asado, Primo Grill, Cook’s Tavern, Brewer’s Row (I know they were mentioned in the beer section but their food is worth a visit as well), Indo, Art House Café, Shake-Shake-Shake, Gateway to India are just some of the places we enjoy visiting.
  6. Proctor Retail Compass Rose (great housewares and gadgets), Megs & Mo (resale clothing done well!), Wag Pet Market, Walla Walla Clothing, credit unions, Connections Fine Jewelry and more – always easy to find a great gift for you or someone you are shopping for.
  7. Farmer’s Market – best $15 bouquet of flowers every Saturday
  8. Parks – Point Defiance, Wright, Kandle Park (with summer water fun), Garfield
  9. MuseumsAmerica’s Car Museum, Museum of Glass, Tacoma Art Museum, Washington State History Museum
  10. Kid Stuff – see parks above, the Children’s Museum, many organized sports options through metro parks and private organizations, and many fine schools to choose from

Finally, what makes living in North Tacoma ultimately wonderful are the people who live here.  I’m always amazed at the fine folks I get to spend my days with and continue to make this community something special.  If you’re at all curious about learning more about this fine community give me a call and I’ll be happy to give you a tour.

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