Just Listed in Proctor

3608 N 33rd St, Tacoma 98407 - $525,000 Classic Craftsman in Proctor Neighborhood – numerous destinations to be reached on foot; easy access to freeway by car. [...]

Title Insurance

Buying a home is an exciting and emotional time for many people. To help you buy your home with more confidence, make sure you get owner’s title [...]

Thinking About Buying a Fixer-Upper?

In 2012, Alessandra Pollina and her husband, Ondre, were looking for a property that would need no more than some cosmetic changes and upgrades. But because the [...]

Yep, You Can Put Shelves There:

Finally, you get to take that beach vacation in the dead of winter. But where is your beach towel?!? You know it’s somewhere in that linen closet, [...]

Real Estate Tax Deductions

Real Estate Tax Deductions April 15 is just around the corner and one of the biggest tax deductions available to homeowners is the real estate tax deduction. [...]