Dishwasher Care

And, last but not least, a mundane homecare tip. Simple steps to help extend the life of your dishwasher by Consumer Reports Friday, August 10th 2018 Consumer [...]

Ceiling Paint?

Thinking about a Fall project? How to Get Your Ceiling Paint Color Right

Bold Kitchen Backsplashes

Because I’m always obsessed with any tile idea I have to share this: Photo Flip: Behold These Bold Kitchen Backsplashes

How Home Appraisals Work

In this buying/selling process we often talk about appraisals coming in “at value” (the agreed upon purchase price), but besides that what do appraisers actually look for? [...]

Space Saving Furniture

The “small house” craze has brought about some creative ideas that can easily be applied to some “normal” living spaces, click here for some inspiration. Watch the [...]