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Weird things that “got junk” has picked up

I always lament about the junk I have in my garage and closets (how does this happen?!)  Fortunately,  I don’t have any of these collections below.  Got Junk says these are some of the oddest things they’ve had to collect. 5) 13 giant porcelain Buddha statues 4) 1200 lbs of concrete animals 3) 400 brand [...]

November 2nd, 2018|


Many people aim to have the 20% down to avoid PMI (private mortgage insurance) in their monthly payment.  While this is a “best practice” it’s just not always practical, especially for younger buyers who are trying to save up.  The good news is that there are many loan products that will help buyers procure homes [...]

November 2nd, 2018|

Black Kitchens

Bright, white kitchens are as popular as they are timeless, but have you ever considered black? Get inspired to try a darker hue with trendsetting kitchens that boast something a little more bold.

November 2nd, 2018|

Forbes Ranks Seattle #1

I know we aren’t Seattle . but we’re close – so whatever happens up there tends to impact us over time.   Forbes just ranked Seattle as the #1 locale for “business”. by KOMO Staff - Friday, October 26th 2018 A new report released Friday ranks Seattle as the best city in the nation for business [...]

November 2nd, 2018|

In Service to Others

I truly enjoy sharing my real estate findings with you via print and digital newsletter.  I try to “curate” articles from different perspectives – economics of housing, home maintenance, décor, community interest and anything else I think is just plain captivating.   I view sharing this information as a “service” to you.  If you ever find [...]

November 2nd, 2018|


The most common “malady” at a home inspection is rot – Welcome to Wet Washington!  Here’s an environmentally sensitive way to prevent wood on your home from rotting. By Tim Carter October 9 Q: Tim, is there some other safe DIY treatment I can do to prevent the wood from being destroyed by wood rot [...]

October 19th, 2018|